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The Dead ain’t dead…

Or so I should say, this blog really gets no attention from me.

So a roll up what I’ve been doing all the time: Read more »

It’s been a while already…

Well, what could i say? I’m really busy with school right know so i didn’t managed it to do any coding for Obsidian Conflict, which is a shame, specially because i started to work on Version 1.4 which is basically a start from Scratch.

I tought that it would be the best since so much has changed due the last SDK Code Update, it also is a chance for me to integrate each oc code piece so that i can check it for possible bugs on the way.

Well i will see if i get the time in my summer holidays which will be in around ~6 Weeks.

I also made an TF2 Server on our new Server ( ) which i was working on the last days, it’s still under development since i need to write alot of stuff via SourceMod, but it runs pretty smooth already, it’s just that there aren’t always many people on there (but when there are is the server mostly full)

I also found yesterday a new Game called “Osu!”, it’s basically like Audiosurf but with many more features and options in my opinion. One good thing about it is that you don’t have to have the music file on your computer, you just need to download the beatmap from their site and you are good to go.

Take a visit there:

Here are some screenshoots from the “Catch the Beat” Gamemode:

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As you can see do i use the Lucky Star Skin that is downloadable via Updater under Extras.

Also, Assassins Creed 2 will come out at November, it looks very good so far and i’m very much looking forward to play Alatair again even tough they seem to have a PS3 Only version in doing. I just hope they will release the PC Version soon after it.

Assassins Creed 2

Well that is all for now, i just hope i get the time to post more and do more coding 😉

SVN is back!

I was working in the last days on putting SVN back online but via Apache and not as a stand alone anmore because with the Apache implementation do i just have more poisbillitys to do what i want it to…

Anyways here is how you can get access again for it:

Go to your ObsidianSVN Folder in Steam/Steamapps (orfor example the OC Sourcemod folder), do an right mouse click and do:

TortoiseSVN -> Relocate… -> (was svn://, just for the record) -> press OK

i hope that is helps out enaugh :O and saves me some troubles…

also for some of you might noticed that you now also can look into the SVN folders by entering that url into the webbrowser (which didn’t work before)

Announce: Server downtime

As i said before i will re-install the server, but i will do it later when i come back from School, the Server itself will then be down for like 4 hours then should this Blog at least up again and i hope that everything will work out as i want it to be…

btw. i’m going to try it now with openSuSE 10.3 + Plesk and see if it works right, i also would have the option to manually download plesk and install it on Debian 4.0, but only if the combination of suse don’t work out

i’ll will also probably let the TS2 Server Down until TS3 finally comes out, it wasn’t used that much anyways…

So then good night (3:00 AM here) and we will hopefully see us here again soon 😀

Edit: Servers back, took me a bit longer as i tought… and i’m still at configuring some things, it’s really a lot of work to get back to the old state but it really looks very promising so far.

stay tuned to see more of me 😛

WTF just happend here!?

To say it short: i just visited my blog today and tought: “Oh my gawd this blog is so old and outdated, and since i don’t post here anyways i’ll start from scratch”

So i installed a fresh new WordPress with a new Theme which i like more as the last one…

many things happend since i last posted here and i will count now some of those (could get bigger as i want):

  • I decited to put Ecchi-RO (Virgin-RO) into the background since i have some other more important things to take care of…
  • YaM is on an tempoary halt (more about why see below)
  • I have been added as an “Support Coder” for Obsidian Conflict, and therefore will post here some things about the daily life about being an Developer for a HL2 Mod which is quite popular 😛
  • I started to develop my own Game Engine which only process is currently an Window, but this will change hopefully (i started it because there are some things where i need Skidz or Hyperjag3 and since they aren’t online for a while i decited to waste my time with something else until they get back)

hmm… i think that’s all for now, i will update this when something pops up in my mind about that…

Edit: i will go over to post weekly or when i’m really busy monthly, so don’t wonder when there isn’t anything new yet…

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