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Obsidian Conflict 1.35 progress

Well I was pretty busy in the last days with school AND with the new Code that comes with 1.35 which will make some people out there quite happy.

There are some things that i want to show of, first of the newly added Donator Feature which means that everyone who Donates to OC will get a special feature.

For now the only feature that Donators will get is Name Coloring and that in Chat, Scoreboard, TargetID and Deathnotice. The Color is based on the Flashlight Color and is only visible when you also check the Custom Color Checkbox. Here some screens about it:

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Well and another thing that i wanted to talk about is the newly Addon System…

As I quick added it from my 1.4 code doesn’t it feature everything that i planned on 1.4 with it as I’m a bit limited in the current code.

By Default are there the following addons: ep2, episodic, lostcoast, css, dod which only get loaded when the correspondenting mount is also loaded

also noted should be that the system only reconizes the folder under extras as addon if the folder contains a info.txt while it doesn’t matter if it conains anything, it just have to exist, the general addon infos are then in the info.txt and even if it’s empty it will at least know the name by it’s folder name and the path of course. I hope that some people will like it, for me was it important to get rid of that useless “throw anything into the oc folder and die”

As everything does the Addon system also have it’s downside (which i tried to get rid of in 1.4 but didn’t had the time yet): The more addons you load, the longer the loading time as the addons are basically nothing more then extra search paths which the engine goes trough each time something needs to be loaded like a model or a sound (one thing why GMod get’s slower with each addon too)

you just have to bear with it for the moment as i won’t spend too much time in coding 1.35 as i want to get back to 1.4 as soon as possible

Well that should be everything for now, keep watching my blog in the near future as the 1.35 release is near and i might show some other exclusive things and of course present the release with a blog post.

Also, everything i say here about 1.35 might change on some parts as it’s not release yet 😛

PS: I’ve created an TeamSpeak 3 Server for Obsidian some days ago (IP is:, i’m pretty much always online there but that doesn’t mean that i’m actually there nor that i’m in the mood to talk english as i lack that a bit as good as my writing is, sadly but i try it at least 😛

<(‘-‘<) Well see you around (>’-‘)> (i love that chilling smily)

Announce: Server downtime

As i said before i will re-install the server, but i will do it later when i come back from School, the Server itself will then be down for like 4 hours then should this Blog at least up again and i hope that everything will work out as i want it to be…

btw. i’m going to try it now with openSuSE 10.3 + Plesk and see if it works right, i also would have the option to manually download plesk and install it on Debian 4.0, but only if the combination of suse don’t work out

i’ll will also probably let the TS2 Server Down until TS3 finally comes out, it wasn’t used that much anyways…

So then good night (3:00 AM here) and we will hopefully see us here again soon 😀

Edit: Servers back, took me a bit longer as i tought… and i’m still at configuring some things, it’s really a lot of work to get back to the old state but it really looks very promising so far.

stay tuned to see more of me 😛

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