The Dead ain’t dead…

Or so I should say, this blog really gets no attention from me.

So a roll up what I’ve been doing all the time:

Obsidian Conflict

1.35 has been released since my last blog post here, it was the first release where I was working alone on the code~

soon after we’ve got back with talking with valve about different things.

some days ago I’ve asked if it would be possible to make use of the translation server they’ve been using to save us some work, let’s see what will happen there~

We also decided to change the Version format in favor for the upcoming steam-works release. Technically 1.35 is now 0 for still being beta (even tough we don’t use the beta in it’s name anymore~)

so the version 1.4 I’ve been calling all along would be 1.0 in right terms. This brings me to the point that the team got 2 new coders.

They’ve been fixing some really nasty bugs which I couldn’t figure out or was too lazy to look in which makes me pretty happy to see some work getting of my shoulders now. Maybe my goal with 1.4 can finally be accomplished with those.

There isn’t really much to say here as we’re having still a long way to go till there’s anything that could be of interest for the public. (check out the road-map on our bugtracker, at our forums and the changelog on our bugtracker to see what’s going on )



nanashiRei launched Minecraft History, a minecraft server with bukkit as base. It basically means that it’s the default minecraft server with more features thanks to bukkit plug-ins.

There’s also some work being done on XFrames, the Base framework for all of our sites (and mine soon~).

Nanashi also (re-)launched his blog at, he’s going to post news about his project’s etc. there so make sure to check it out if you’re interested.

Nanashi also launched his Osu! Mirror soon after I’ve infected him with it (after getting re-infected by someone I’m going to talk about in a minute), peppy ( the creator of Osu! and puush! D: ) was very impressed by it and added it to his website. If the mirror goes well for the next weeks it might get officially added so be sure to use it much 😀

I must admit that nanashi got better in osu! as me pretty fast, mostly because of my main time killer I’m going to talk about later~

PS: feel free to join our IRC (link to webchat is above): (see the motd to get all the ports we’re supporting)



The friend of my sister and my sister told me once about someone that’s “Let’s Playing Magica”, the game itself sounded interesting so I’ve watched some videos and immediately liked him and his way to play.

And then I’ve heard in one of his videos someday that he wants to make some kind of a community, what did I do? Well I liked the idea and joined him on Quakenet. I’ve also provided him with a PHPBot which nanashi and I are working on which it’s name came from dekay: KumpelBot.

The Bot basically is giving everyone on join a list of rules for the channel (may change~) and is forcing some of those too (like link posting), ops excluded of course, soon after I’ve got op from dekay which also made the forcing of the rules for my bot possible.

The bot also provides his usually !slogan command and some experimental ones, while the !keks command is being a bit messed up as it’s more like a way to give people special slogans~

Let’s see where this goes~



Now here it goes, the most wanted part of this blog[/sarcasm]

thanks to dekay I’ve started to play Osu! in it’s normal mode (not the catch the beat one~) where I’ve got an tablet to play some days ago to make it possible for me to play better as I’m left handed and my right hand I’ve been using for my mouse is not good enough for osu anymore.

I’ve also completed another stage of my school. After the vacation I’m being in the second year of technical school IT. Now guess which lesson am I best in? Yup you guessed right: Programming – 1

Well the second year also sounds better as the first one because some nasty lessons aren’t there anymore and there are more intense topics (I’ve been bored most of the time in the first year so~), so let’s hope that this goes out well 😀

Oh, I almost forgot, I’m now recording Let’s Plays because of HerrDekay, they are all in German but oh well at least the Let’s Play Osu! ones doesn’t require you to know any language hah.

Let’s Play The Legend of Zelda – OoT: Master Quest

Let’s Play The Legend of Zelda – Wind Waker

Let’s Play Osu!

All in all did a lot happen since my last Blog post, at least for me.

If someone notices that I’ve forgot something let me know in the comments, also please if you read this, make comments, I want to see that someone is actually reading my blog >.>

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