Strato upgrades w00t!

I can’t belive it, i just checked my E-Mails and noticed a Mail i got from Strato some time ago that they are upgrading their Homepage and some other stuff, i was like “hmm sounds interesting let’s see if it has something good for me”

I already noticed today that my server runs very good (which is very rare due the RAM problem) so i checked it and OMGWTFBBQ i have 300 MB RAM free (in fact i can now use up to 512 MB RAM). They really upgraded my server, but not only that i now have a second IP for it too, also there are some new OS in the list so i will probably change my server to one of those soon since i don’t like it how the current one stays…

anyways just wanted to yell it out, i’ll look forward to get finally something done on my server…

also maybe someone could help me a bit with chosing the OS ( The current running OS is in the combo box on the top of this image, the one i would install is blue highlighted )

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